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Cynthia Pino
20:30 04 Aug 22
Kim Lodriguss
17:52 03 Aug 22
elizabeth vary
22:03 27 Jul 22
Great friendly practice! Highly recommend
James McDonough
20:23 27 Jul 22
Lori Markos
16:02 25 Jul 22
They are amazing! The staff is kind and helpful. The hygienists are knowledgeable and gentle. I have EXTREME anxiety at the dentist and they take such good care of me!
Daneydis Henriquez
15:31 21 Jul 22
Alex Hernandez
22:12 12 Jul 22
Marilyn Guimarin
18:25 12 Jul 22
Kathy Woodworth
18:05 11 Jul 22
Ann Ruggiero
23:32 28 Jun 22
Dr. Massa and his assistant were very informative as to the procedure being done today. Both were very calming and very easy to communicate about the procedures. I don't know anyone who can go to a dentist and be relaxed. Well, today I was relaxed. Cudos to Dr. Massa and his assistant.
Phyllis Tillery
23:42 14 Jun 22
One of my caps came off while I was on my way out of town. I returned later that morning, walked into Premier Dental Center and they took me immediately.
Jason Henning
20:51 13 Jun 22
Lauren Bonds
20:38 25 May 22
Had a discount promotion, was able to get a tooth filled for a good price.Nice Dentist, great Dental assistant, and was seen with out a long wait.
Elaine Larson
18:49 19 May 22
Garrett Kunkel
00:05 11 May 22
Gary Patterson
16:51 09 May 22
18:06 05 May 22
Amazing staff and dentist .Adriana was the best at explaining and making sure I felt comfortable . Dr. Hallum was the absolute best at his practice , he Did a filling in less than 5 minutes . He also did a very detailed checkup of every tooth in my mouth not just focused on the one tooth I came in for . I
Fritz Lieber
22:50 02 May 22
01:11 29 Apr 22
I walked in and BAM there was amazing service, I didn’t even have time to take in the waiting room and look around before I was sitting in one of those dental chairs. I had a single “I’llbe right back”… nothing out of norm…until they were back so quick it was like they never left. Staff were all friendly and made me feel like I’ve been with their dental office and have known them since before fire was invented. There’s nothing worst than an unpleasant dentist experience but this this the absolute opposite of that, 100/10 recommend, best thing since sliced bread. If hell freezes over, it looks like I’m grabbing my ice skates because I’d be damned if I’m missing my regular scheduled teeth cleaning from this office.
Sandra Chavez
17:04 28 Apr 22
We always have such a pleasant visit no matter how busy all the staff is! Seleny is the best hygienist ever!Joyce does a wonderful job at the front desk. We are so glad to have a location near us!
Russ Williams
12:52 22 Apr 22
Great care
Daniel Raiber
22:08 21 Apr 22
Great place to call our dental office! From our hygentist, Laren, to the office staff, to our dentist, Dr. Massa, all are professional in every manner. Thank you for an enjoyable experience!Dan and Carol Raiber
Josie Espinoza
14:30 21 Apr 22
Isabel Norat
22:18 18 Apr 22
I’m new in the area and I’m so grateful that I found this dental clinic where I feel well taken care of by competent dentists and very friendly staff.
22:26 11 Apr 22
Carolyn Landis
20:19 07 Apr 22
Dennis Stein
23:30 06 Apr 22
Jennifer Oxner
16:26 30 Mar 22
John Iacuone
17:31 29 Mar 22
Michelle E
16:09 29 Mar 22
All the staff are kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. My 11 y.o. loves going to the dentist! Thanks!
Rebekah Burnett
23:58 28 Mar 22
I came here to have some emergency dental work performed and was referred here from the hometown clinic to speed service. I was quickly assessed and quickly scheduled to get work started. The root canal, tooth extraction and starting phase of a replacement implant was as close to painless as it could have been. Dr. V and staff are friendly and professional. When I had a question about my procedure (I wasn’t sure everything looked like it should), they told me to drop right in. I wasn’t free to do that so the receptionist asked me to take a photo of the area. She gave it to the doctor and gave me a good review. They deserve one too. I’m very pleased.
Frank Castillo
15:18 25 Mar 22
Very friendly and polite staff.
Jose Barbosa calvillo
17:31 24 Mar 22
Tim Libby
20:28 22 Mar 22
Bob Grassie
22:56 10 Mar 22
George Hicks
18:07 06 Mar 22
Anne Carroll
22:56 09 Feb 22
Karen Glover magnus
21:38 07 Feb 22
Linda Phillips
20:10 07 Feb 22
Darryl Sadler
15:09 18 Jan 22
Very nice and knowledgeable. Would recommend and would return anytime.
Jane Sharp
22:06 17 Jan 22
Laren is very professional and friendly
Michael Barry
21:56 10 Jan 22
Everyone is so friendly, helpful and professional!
Laura Berlin
18:00 15 Dec 21
Very professional and kind. They were gentle and knowledgeable. Great doctor and staff.
Madeline Sharp
21:48 13 Dec 21
Don Whalen
14:54 11 Dec 21
Professional Dental care from start to finish. From the reception to the Dentist and everyone in between you'll find the best here right here!
Jared Lehmann
21:29 01 Dec 21
Amazing experience as far as going to the dentist can be. I needed a crown and the whole staff was great and took the time to answer all my questions. I will definitely be switching my family to these guys and gals. Highly recommended!!!!Edit-- just went back 2 years later and had an even better experience. The Dr is quite funny, for an Air Force guy... If he gets out of Dentistry, he should become a comedian. Staff is amazing. Definitely recommend!!
Yolanda Alexander
18:03 29 Nov 21
Chad Welborn
19:15 17 Nov 21
My appointment was amazing- clean facility- friendly dental hygienist- staff was courteous- thank you
Melissa Delagarza
18:04 16 Nov 21
Caring staff and gentle, knowledgeable doctors.
Madelyn Fontenot
18:02 14 Oct 21
Vanessa Ekno
16:24 06 Oct 21
Professional, courteous, and excellent quality! Premier Dental has been our dental office for many, many years. We highly recommend!
Jo Ann Kimmel
00:27 30 Sep 21
Premier Dental Practice in Boerne, Texas is staffed by well trained, efficient, and friendly personnel. Dr Brent Hallum is always concerned for the well-being of his patients while providing excellent dental care. I highly recommend Premier Dental Practice.
Mary Weekley
22:59 29 Sep 21
Brenda Wallace
19:12 29 Sep 21
Polite, efficient, and skilled dental services. Beautiful results. They will show you what you need and you can go a step at a time until it is all done. They never try to push unnecessary services on you. A solid choice for dental work. Every procedure has achieved the desired outcome. You get what you pay for- these people do an excellent job. Thank you to the Boerne facility for treating myself and my family right.
Skyler Brown
18:36 29 Sep 21
The dentist and especially the hygienist that worked with me at this place was wonderful! I think the hygienist's name was Jacque. She was awesome.
Chris Daniels
15:52 28 Sep 21
This dentist is awesome. Has take care of me very well both times ive seen him and his staff is well versed, professional and friendly.
Matilda Robinson
21:53 20 Sep 21
The staff members were friendly and helpful and I was seen quickly. Dr. Hallum explained everything to me throughly and informed me of all my options. I am very satisfied with my visit.
Suzann Woodward
17:22 20 Sep 21
They have done my dental services for over 20 years. Lauren is awesome and I completely trust Dr. Hallam with my Dental care.
Greg Greer
20:03 17 Jun 21
Dental hygienist Lauren is great. I also need a couple crowns. Will update after that happens.Thank you all.
charles thomson
21:35 09 Jun 21
Marisela Escobedo
17:05 02 Jun 21
Dawn Schendel
16:07 25 May 21
Cathy Morris
19:13 27 Apr 21
Dr. Hallum and Loren Sharp are the best! I have been a patient here for years and I have always been treated with professionalism. They are so knowledgeable and caring! I highly recommend them!
Karen Osmak
18:22 16 Apr 21
Julie Ward
18:13 30 Mar 21
19:08 23 Mar 21
Speedy appointments and all staff/ doctor(s) was (were) courteous and detailed with expenses and work needed. Thank you!
Debi McCarley
19:10 12 Mar 21
You cannot ask for a staff more caring, compassionate and professional. They have been in charge of my teeth for over 20 years. I recommend them to everyone who needs dental professionals. Give them one chance and you will never go anywhere else.
Susan Lake
16:17 10 Mar 21
Had a cracked crown replaced recently. No pain or discomfort at all.Dr. Luiga Massa is an excellent dentist!!!
Charles Wheeler
00:12 10 Mar 21
Ellen Morris
17:33 25 Feb 21
Very courteous and professional. 5 star!!
The best ask for Anna she cleaned my teeth and it was so painless and wonderful 🤠❤️👨🏻‍🍳
Linda Cantrell
18:04 12 Feb 21
Jose Castro
20:17 11 Feb 21
Very professional staff! Recommended 100% Anna is the best person to trust my teeth cleaning 🙂
Dr. Carol Eyermann
20:28 09 Feb 21
Scott Lowry
17:57 05 Feb 21
Great dental experience! Friendly & service is their number one goal!
Jenny Yost
16:53 02 Feb 21
Very friendly employees. Laren great hygienist as gentle and tells you each step. Pleasant experience.
Mary Slater
19:51 28 Jan 21
Always great care
John Uecker
18:11 25 Jan 21
Dan Gorham
18:58 18 Jan 21
Travis Ratterree
18:44 14 Jan 21
Ronald Booker
22:16 12 Jan 21
Michelle Candage
16:11 06 Jan 21
I have been going to Premier Dental for 5 years now, and for the first time in my life, I can actually say I don't mind going to the dentist. I have had quite a bit of work done and have never once had an issue. I recommend Premier Dental to anyone ever mentioning needing a new dentist!!
James M
17:19 30 Dec 20
Skillful dentists. Well run, friendly office. Minimal wait times after you arrive.
Albert Stauder
13:38 22 Dec 20
Kimberley Blohm
02:01 22 Dec 20
I highly recommend Premier Dental! The hygienist Lauren is simply the best and they treat you more like a friend than a patient. They are professional and gentle! Both dentists are super sweet and truly want the best for their patients! They only treat you for what you need and never try to upsell you! Their prices are competitive and really fair! Highly recommend!
Paul Krueger
21:44 17 Dec 20
Christopher Dermody
18:32 11 Dec 20
Melanie Oblender
18:11 11 Dec 20
Everyone is polite, efficient and professional. All procedures are well explained
Larry King
03:48 11 Dec 20
Nancy Keyes
19:17 02 Dec 20
Got so very lucky on finding great dentist office. Everyone was so kind and nice. Was great that every step of procedure was explained in advance so no surprises. Price was even very reasonable. They give you options on types of procedures you will need and up front pricing. Would very highly recommend.
Jake Smiley
18:14 23 Nov 20
Professional and courteous staff that goes above and beyond to take care of their patients. Easy scheduling and no long waits.
Lauren E.G. Freeman
18:08 23 Nov 20
Anna G. Hanson
22:25 20 Nov 20
I went for my first dental appointment and was totally impressed by how I was greeted by the staff. My hygienist was very professional and explained everything she was going to do. I would highly recommend this dental office to anyone and I will tell my friends and family. Anna Hanson
amy Fletcher
16:16 17 Nov 20
Celeste P
21:48 16 Nov 20
My dental hygienist Lauren was very sweet and included me in everything. She made sure I understood what was going on and how it was going to work. Dr. Hallum also explained what was going to happen and answered any questions I had. Destiny at the front desk explained the costs and what the insurance was going to cover, and set me up for my future appointments. Overall a great experience, highly recommend this place.
Sharon Rojas
20:23 16 Nov 20
April Fierro
18:24 16 Nov 20
Thank you for friendly professional service! My son is a new patient as we are new to Boerne. We will definitely return for our dental needs.
Jessalynn Arthur
18:02 06 Nov 20
The whole Boerne Family Dentistry team was very professional, clean and knew what they were doing! My husband and I have made them our family dentistry. Thanks for all your hard work!
Les Doss
23:38 03 Nov 20
Great dentist. Awesome staff.
Chad Mc
18:09 02 Nov 20
Cindy Haynes
18:03 02 Nov 20
April Blatchford
17:28 30 Oct 20
Dodie Northcutt
17:02 29 Oct 20
Very friendly doctor and staff. Very thorough exam. No wait time.
Linda Shober
16:50 29 Oct 20
Care was superb, I do not care to go to the dentist but this visit was incredible. No pain on injections to numb and only pressure during two extractions. 24 hours later and still no pain, could not be happier.
I hadn’t been to the dentist in almost 10 years. I was very nervous but I needed to as my teeth needed quite a bit of work. Upon entering Premier Dental, everyone was very nice and made you feel right at home. They make sure you are the most comfortable as possible, seems as if patient comfort is their number one priority. They even have heated and massaging exam chairs! Everyone knows you by name and always welcomes you with a smile. I have needed a few extractions and implants which I was absolutely dreading, but they were so easy and honestly painless, I know that sounds crazy but it’s true! Premier Dental is awesome and I highly recommend!
Lautenir Pereira
19:05 27 Oct 20
Helen L Durst
16:40 23 Oct 20
I recently had an implant and a crown replaced by Dr Massa. Dr Massa and his assistant Laura made me feel comfortable during my procedures. Today, I had my 3 month hygiene appointment with Laren. She does an outstanding job of cleaning and gum management. Of course Dr. Massa pops in to check on his hygiene patients to assess their needs. The center is both professional and casual which is important in my opinion. You receive top notch care while being at ease at the same time.
Justin Blohm
16:13 23 Oct 20
Great Dental Office. Been going here for cleanings and dental work for the last 20+ years and always had fantastic service!
Denver Styes
22:09 20 Oct 20
Latest cleaning was super easy, they even got me in early for my appt.
Donna Gardner
18:46 16 Oct 20
Stephanie Hernley
18:35 16 Oct 20
Lauren was my dental hygienist and she was very personable and informative. Destiny at the front desk helped with my insurance and some difficulty I had with obtaining records and xrays from my previous dentist. They were very patient and helpful in getting things sorted out! I really appreciated it. I didn’t feel rushed at all and my teeth looked and felt great after my cleaning. Thank you!
Morgan duty
16:10 14 Oct 20
Came here after living in Texas for over a month and had to get two teeth pulled. They are very reasonable on the pricing so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg! They were able to squeeze me in the same day to get me seen and checked out! Highly recommend and very family and friendly!
Tawana Timberlake
13:52 11 Oct 20
Loren did the most thorough cleaning Ive had in a long time.
Larry Thayn
17:04 05 Oct 20
Steve Kalapaca
17:36 02 Oct 20
Lynnette Holley
15:08 24 Sep 20
The best dental cleaning ever!!!
David Horton
22:25 23 Sep 20
Beckie Sheppard
16:10 23 Sep 20
Had my first first tooth extraction in over 40 years. Needless to say I was very nervous about it, but Dr. Massa and his staff took away all my fears and made the experience quite nice (if getting a tooth pulled can be nice😁). I now sit at home the day after with absolutely no discomfort. Kudos to this fine team.
Terry Ann Brower
20:48 21 Sep 20
John Price
21:50 17 Sep 20
Great Dental Hygienist!
Sylvia Schoch
18:03 17 Sep 20
Megan Folkerts
19:56 16 Sep 20
Susan Capozzoli
13:57 15 Sep 20
Dr. Hallum and Christina were professionals every step of the way during my recent procedure. They worked together smoothly, keeping me informed about each step in a calm, efficient, and happy manner. Dr. Hallum is so gentle with injections that you can't even feel them! And Christina was encouraging, giving helpful advice during the procedure. I recommend them highly.
Burt Grabo
21:32 10 Sep 20
I do not like dentists but these folks make it a decent visit and I do not need any sessions with my therapist after I go..
John Capozzoli
21:28 09 Sep 20
Always a great dental experience. They take their time to explain everything!
Kenny Castex
23:18 20 Aug 20
Janelle Kitlinski
17:14 20 Aug 20
Great dentist! Very friendly staff who take their time and review everything in detail. So glad we found this place! 😊
Jacque Meoff
13:24 19 Aug 20
Alice Huston
18:19 17 Aug 20
Jimmy Gomez
14:01 13 Aug 20
I’m always anxious when I have to go to the dentist. First time here and I was impressed with the smooth check in process. Timely and prompt service by everyone. The doctor was very warm and personable. Answered all my questions. I felt welcomed from beginning to end. Their name says it. It is definitely a family oriented Dentistry!
Alana Kemmy
19:50 12 Aug 20
Laren, as always, is an amazing hygienist. The dentist office is not my favorite place to be, but she always makes it a pleasant experience & does a great job in the process!
TJ Wheeler
15:12 08 Aug 20
20:24 06 Aug 20
William Conklin
17:20 03 Aug 20
Always very professional yet caring
Summer Saunders
17:00 29 Jul 20
Chelsea Reeh
23:25 15 Jul 20
Boerne Family Dentistry is a wonderful place to choose for your dental care. I especially appreciate that I have never had to wait to start my appointments, they’re always ready for my appointment. I had the pleasure of being a patient of Annie, who clearly demonstrated her excellence in the dentistry field (being in the industry for over 20 yrs)— she was friendly, timely, and explained to me each step of the process during my visit. She communicated to me throughout the cleaning/ screening, showed me my x-rays and I truly felt her presence throughout the visit. I trust no one else to be my hygienist but Annie.I recommend this place to anyone.
David Greenlees
19:48 08 Jul 20
I have been going to Premier Dental for almost 2 years. This year, I began a long process to correct some significant dental issues. The staff is always pleasant and professional. You always feel they are happy to see you. The care I have received is second to none.
Wanda B.
04:47 20 Mar 19
VERY pleased with Dr Hallum and staff -- especially Miranda!Have you ever been so pampered at the dentist? Blanket, pillow, music selection. But wait...
James P.
13:29 06 Jan 18
Since retiring from the Air Force and moving to Boerne, I had to find a new dentist that took my dental insurance. A few clicks led me to Premier Dental...
Skewtour C.
15:00 20 May 17
I am a retired dental hygienist. I worked in the dental field for 38+ years. I recently moved to the Boerne area and needed to find a dentist for me and...
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