Dr. Massa Delivers Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry in Boerne

restorative dentistryThere’s no reason for you to endure the embarrassment and discomfort of missing or decayed teeth. Today’s restorative dentistry solutions look and feel completely natural. Dr. Massa uses what he considers the finest labs and materials available to create realistic restorations. If your teeth have sustained damage from disease, trauma, or everyday wear and tear, you owe it to yourself to rejuvenate your smile at Premier Dental Center.

A Natural-Looking Solution to a Distressing Problem

Missing teeth can cause your appearance, diet, and self-esteem to suffer. When teeth are missing, jawbone mass decreases, causing your cheeks to sink in and making you look older than your years. Dental implant restorations mimic the appearance of your natural teeth, fit comfortably, and restore your smile’s function and appearance. Plus, they stimulate bone growth, so you retain jawbone mass.

An All-White Smile

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to mar your smile with dark metal restorations. Dr. Massa uses tooth-colored materials for durable, attractive white fillings and strong, long-lasting ceramic crowns. All-white restorations mean that people will notice your beautiful smile, not your dental work.

Comprehensive Solutions

If your smile needs extensive work to reclaim function and attractiveness, Dr. Massa will tailor a treatment plan that suits your needs, budget, and timeline. Full-mouth reconstruction involves a series of treatments to address your specific issues and concerns. Your plan may include ceramic crowns, dental implant restorations, a bridge, and/or white fillings. If you need a root canal, Dr. Massa will perform it in our Boerne office, assisted by a team focused on your comfort and relaxation.

Creating Smiles, Changing Lives. Call Premier Dental Center today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Massa. Our Boerne office delivers outstanding dental care to families in Comfort, Cordillera Ranch, Fair Oaks Ranch, Kerrville, Bulverde, and surrounding areas.