Your Medical History Helps the Dentist to Help You

If you feel as though you are confronted with a mountain of paperwork every time that you walk into a Boerne TX dental office, then you are probably correct. The medical history forms are typically the lengthiest and most unpleasant part of the paperwork packet– but it is also the most important.  When the dentist […]

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5 Dental Problems Caused by Alcohol Abuse

According to current statistics, alcohol use disorders affect more than 17 million adults in the United States. In addition to causing irreparable social and medical problems, alcohol use disorders can severely impact your dental health. Dentists commonly report that patients with alcohol abuse problems tend to suffer from a number of similar signs and symptoms. […]

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Certain Dental Issues Require Certain Foods

It’s almost impossible to talk about dental procedures and dental problems without also talking about food. No matter how your teeth may feel or what procedures you may have recently undergone, you still have to eat. The challenge is to choose the right foods for your current dental situation. To help you out in a […]

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Maintain Good Dental Health with Diabetes

Properly caring for your teeth on a daily basis and controlling your glycemic levels can position you for the best possible oral health if you are living with diabetes. Taking steps such as brushing throughout the day with a soft- bristled toothbrush and cleaning between the teeth to remove plaque are necessary for all of […]

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Premier Dental Center Explains TMJ Pain

Why Is My Jaw Popping? There’s no doubt that the popping feeling you sometimes get in your jaw is startling and even a bit scary. It’s actually a common symptom of TMJ pain. TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is a condition in which the hinge connecting the upper and lower jaw isn’t working as it […]

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Summer Dental Tips for the Whole Family

During the summer, everyone in the family looks forward to taking it easy. With no school and less work, the family’s normal routine can go off-kilter, but that’s no reason to let your oral health get off-track in the process. Boerne dentists offer the following dental tips for keeping your family’s oral health on track […]

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Boerne Dentist Offers Tips to Curb Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity – that sometimes-searing pain that occurs when you take a bite or sip a drink – can negatively impact day-to-day living. You may avoid certain hot, cold, sweet, or acidic substances because you know they’re going to hurt! If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, come see Dr. Luigi Massa and our team at […]

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Don’t Let Dry Mouth Damage Your Smile

The dry, parched feeling of chronic dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia, can ruin your day. An occasional dry mouth is normal. However, when the salivary glands stop producing enough saliva to keep your mouth moist, dry mouth become a chronic condition and cause other oral problems to occur. In Boerne, dry mouth sufferers look […]

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Boerne Dentist has Tips for a Speedy Recovery after an Extraction

Having a tooth pulled, also known as an extraction, can be traumatic and worrisome. A Boerne dentist can give you the best care during and after your tooth is extracted. Postoperative care is extremely important in order to maintain a healthy extraction site and to promote healing. A tooth extraction can be recommended for a […]

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